Do I have to file a tax return?

If you were a nonresident alien and were present in the United States during any part of the tax (calendar) year in question on an F,J, M, or Q visa, there is at least one tax form you must complete (IRS Form 8843).

If you were a nonresident alien who did not receive funding from a U.S. source (please be aware that funding from a foreign source that is paid through Harvard is usually considered U.S.-source), you do not have to complete an actual tax return (eg.1040 NR), but, as mentioned above, may need to at least file Form 8843. If you have F-2 or J-2 dependents accompanying you, they may have to file tax forms, as well.


Please contact the Harvard International Office (HIO) for access to the online tax preparation software, Windstar, available for use by nonresident aliens.


Resident aliens have the same tax filing obligations as U.S. citizens.