**Important Tax Updates**


What is GLACIER?

GLACIER is an online tax compliance system, to which foreign nationals receiving payment from Harvard will be given access to and must complete.  It is a secure and web-based program, which facilitates the U.S. tax classification process to determine appropriate tax withholding and possible tax treaty eligibility (if applicable).

Why haven't I yet received the link to the GLACIER tax classification program, if I've already been notified via email of my tax obligations as a Harvard payment recipient?

If you haven't yet received the email from support@online-tax.net, which includes your original login information, or have lost or forgotten your login information, you can click on “Forgot Login?” on the GLACIER login page to access GLACIER. If you still cannot access GLACIER, please contact the Nonresident Alien Compliance Team

The email invitation from GLACIER looks like spam, is there additional correspondence to confirm its legitimacy?

Yes, an email from Harvard will be sent, prior to, confirming that it's safe to proceed with GLACIER.

Where can I find instructions on how to complete GLACIER?

We have a couple of resources that should answer all your GLACIER-related questions, which are found here https://nratax.oc.finance.harvard.edu/GLACIER, such as:

What forms does GLACIER produce?

Generally, all required tax forms are generated by the system.  Note that this does not include the I-9 form. Additionally, "Required Document Copies" of ones immigration dpcuments must accompany any GLACIER submission for it to be considered complete.