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Please select the action you would like to take on your record. For a new record or to make changes, you will have to select the option to "Create/update/view my Individual Record".

Please Note - If you already have an existing GLACIER account with Harvard University you will NOT receive the login email from You will need to login and update your existing account by going to If you have forgotten or lost your login information please click on “Forgot Login” on the login screen.

User Agreement

You are asked to accept the terms of use for the software by choosing the appropriate button.  You must also provide consent to allow Harvard University to post your Form 1042-S to you through the GLACIER system. Having your 1042-S available electronically is very helpful when access to your tax form is needed if you are abroad or no longer at Harvard.


This page asks you to indicate all service and non-service relationships you maintain with Harvard University.  You should select the choice that best describes the relationship you have with Harvard University.  The choices are grouped by category.  The first group includes employment type service-based relationships, which the University processes through a program called PeopleSoft.  The second group includes non-service type relationships, which the University processes through PeopleSoft, Accounts Payable, or applied to your term bill through the Student Accounts Office.  The remaining options are for other individuals who may maintain a temporary relationship with the University.  It is possible for you to belong to more than one of these categories, and it is possible for these relationships to change over time.  If you are confused about which Relationship and/or Income Type please contact your academic or hiring unit for clarification. 

If your only income from Harvard University is a Travel Reimbursement please select the Relationship of “Other Income” and following screen for Income Type, select “Travel Reimbursement.”  GLACIER may determine this payment to be taxable. If the reimbursement meets the IRS Accountable Plan Rules as a business expense when processed to you, no tax withholding will occur.

Income Type

This page asks you to indicate all types of payments you will receive from Harvard University.  The available list of options will depend on the relationship categories selected on the previous screen.  If you do not receive any payments or income from the University, please select "No Income".  If you are confused about which Relationship and/or Income Type please contact your academic or hiring unit for clarification. 

Personal Information

Please enter your name, consistent with your immigration documents, and the email address where notices from GLACIER will be received and read.  You should also include your U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).  If you do not have one of these identification numbers, you will need to indicate your application plans:

  • Employees and Student Workers that receive payments from U.S. sources must obtain either an SSN or an ITIN in order to file a tax return.  Once you receive your SSN or ITIN, you must update your GLACIER record and submit your tax summary and forms to your University Payroll office.  Note: Tax treaty benefits are not available until the SSN is issued and reported in GLACIER, but you may claim a refund on your annual tax return if excess tax is withheld while the SSN application is pending.  For information on obtaining an SSN or ITIN please visit the Harvard International Office website.
  • Scholars, Guest Speakers or other Invited Guests that are not required to file a U.S. tax return should select the option for "I do NOT have a U.S.-issued SSN or ITIN; I would like to apply for an ITIN".  If you determine you do not want to apply for an ITIN or SSN at this time, the information provided can be disregarded. You will need to make a selection in order to proceed, but this does not tie you to any specific requirement, if you later choose not to do so.

U.S. Address

Please list your contact information and current mailing address in the U.S., or indicate that you cannot receive mail in the country right now.  You must update this information if you move during your program or activity in the U.S.

Permanent Foreign Address

List your current foreign mailing address.  As a nonimmigrant, you are required to have an address outside the U.S. considered to be your home, but you may list the address of a parent or family member overseas if necessary.  If you are a Permanent Resident Alien from China, please include your last known address for China.


Country of Citizenship / Tax Residence

You are asked to indicate your citizenship and tax residency.  For most individuals, your countries of citizenship and tax residency will be the same.  However, if you have been living in a different country before coming to the U.S. and filed tax documents there, you may have established tax residency in that country. If you have previously filed taxes as a resident alien, you should select your country of tax residency prior to arriving to the US. You will not be able to select “United States”.    

If you have dual citizenship, please list the country that issued your passport used for travel and entry to the U.S.  If you are a dual citizen of the U.S. and another country, for U.S. tax purposes you are treated as a citizen of the U.S.  Please contact NRA Tax Compliance as soon as possible.

Immigration Status (1)

Select the appropriate sponsoring institution for your current status, which is usually Harvard University.  If you are sponsored by another institution, or did not receive sponsorship for your current travel, please select the appropriate option.  From the dropdown list provided, choose your current immigration status.  If you are unsure of your current immigration status, refer to your immigration documentation (e.g. Forms I-20, DS-2019, I-797) for this information. Participants in the ESTA Visa Waiver Program will need to select “Visa Waiver for Business” or “Visa Waiver for Tourism”, depending on the nature of your visit.

If you do not see your immigration status listed on the drop down, please select "Other Immigration Status or Purpose". This would also apply for individuals that have employment authorization cards while a pending legal permanent resident application is in process.

Time Spent in the U.S.

This page is meant to capture your current program or travel information.  Please refer to the date stamped in your passport or on your I-94[1] card for your ORIGINAL entry to the U.S. on your current immigration status.  Even if you have changed institutions or traveled home temporarily since then, you should still provide your original date of entry.  If you have not yet entered the U.S., indicate your anticipated date of arrival to the U.S. You will not be able to complete GLACIER more than 30 days before your anticipated arrival date


The date your permission expires should be based on your current immigration documents, such as the I-20, DS-2019, I-94 or I-797 H-1B Approval Notice, etc.  Do not use the date of expiration from your Visa Sticker in your passport.  If you are just beginning your program, you may list your estimated departure date to match, and update this later on when you know your actual final departure from the U.S.


For Travel Reimbursements after you have left the U.S. you can still use GLACIER as long as you do not enter an end date.  Ideally you would fill out GLACIER before you arrive in or leave the U.S.


[1] The I-94 is an immigration document from the Department of Homeland Security and is a record of the individual’s status and their arrival/departure information.  This document previously was provided in the passport as a card that the Customs and Border Protection would staple into the passport.  It is now an electronic document that the individual must obtain under the heading "Get Most Recent I-94" on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Immigration Status (2)

Please indicate whether your current status is the SAME or DIFFERENT from your last entry to the country.  If you were approved for a Change of Status by application to USCIS, you must select the second option.  You will then be prompted to enter your previous immigration information, including the original visa category and the date your status was changed.


Days Present in the U.S.

You are asked to enter the number of days you have been physically present in the U.S., which is used in calculating your tax residency category.  For each year of your current immigration status, you should list how many days you were NOT in the U.S. during that calendar year.  This is an ESTIMATE and should not cause you extreme concern about finding the precise information.  Additionally, you can always go back to update this information later if you feel you made an error. 

Tip: You may be able to use your passport to calculate the length of any trips you took during that time, or you can view your recent I-94 travel history available for the past 5 year through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.  If you have traveled to the U.S. previously, you should indicate the year, immigration status, and days IN the country for all of your prior trips.  Again, this information should be a complete representation, but can be estimated to the best of your ability.  You will be asked to review the summary of travel information before proceeding.

You only are required to include any sponsored immigrations status you have been on (e.g. TN, H1B, F, J, M, Q, O, A, E, or G) going back to 1986. Any visitor statuses (e.g. B1, B2, Visa Waiver) are only necessary to include for the current and prior 3 year

Tax Treaty Exemption Verification

After reviewing your information GLACIER will alert you to your applicable tax withholding rates and possible tax treaty exemptions for each of the income types you had previously selected.  If your tax treaty eligibility cannot be clearly determined, you may continue with your record.  If a tax treaty is available for you to claim you should carefully read the qualifications on the screen and verify whether you wish to claim the benefit or  decline it. If you choose to decline a tax treaty exemption at this time, you may later choose to claim this directly with the IRS when filing your US tax return. A declined tax treaty does not affect you eligibility.   If you claim a treaty exemption you will be asked to provide your passport number, a description of services and an estimated income amount. 

Tax Summary Report

GLACIER will provide a summary of your tax information, including your federal Tax Residency status (line 2). If you are determined to be a nonresident alien, and you are expected to have federal tax withholding, your W-4 tax form will always indicate your status as “single”. This is not a reflection of your actual marital status, but is required by IRS regulations. Please refer to IRS Notice 1392 for W-4 instructions for nonresident aliens The required forms listed will also be available as PDF documents to print and sign when you are done with your record.

State Tax Withholding Selection (if applicable)

If you are receiving compensation or other taxable earnings, you will be prompted to complete additional information for your Massachusetts state tax forms.  For each payment you receive, withholdings are taken out and set aside to cover the estimated tax due at the end of the year.  The amount withheld is calculated as a percentage of your earnings.  You will need to file a Massachusetts income tax return to receive a refund if too much money is withheld, or to pay any additional taxes owed if the withholdings were too low. 

  • Additional Withholding: Enter any additional tax amounts you would like for Harvard to withhold  on your behalf.  If no further tax withholding amounts are requested beyond what is already required, then enter “0” (this is the usual scenario).
  • Total Number of Dependents you wish to claim:  Enter “0” if you are not claiming any dependents, or the number of dependents you include on your tax return.

View and Submit Forms

When you click on the button to print your forms, you will open a PDF file with your Tax Summary and all required forms, including information populated by the software based on what you have previously entered.  You will need to SIGN each form.  Please do NOT submit forms double-sided, as these forms may need to be processed separately. You must submit the signed forms and copies of required immigration documents (as listed on your GLACIER Tax Summary Report) to Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance in order for payment to be issued at the proper withholding rate. Your completed GLACIER submission can be submitted via:

  • Fax to 617-496-3196,
  • Secure upload directly to the Nonresident Alien Team, “Secure upload of GLACIER Documentation”, if you are a Harvard affiliate and have a Harvard key, or
  • Secure upload directly into your supplier record through Harvard's Buy-to-Pay Supplier Portal", if you are being set-up as a Harvard supplier and have received an email inviting you to do so.
  • **Due to limited onsite staffing resources related to COVID-19, mail and hand delivered submission cannot be accepted.**


Please update your GLACIER record as needed if your information changes at any point, such as an extension in your immigration status or being paid a different type of income.  If the new information triggers a change to your Tax Summary or tax forms, you must send the new paperwork to Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance.

Please Note: You must click “Next” from this screen in order to save your entered information.


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