Massachusetts State tax withholding allowance form used to adjust state tax withholding on salary or wages.

Do I have to file a Massachusetts State tax return?

Not everyone has to file a State tax return. It depends, among other things, on the source and amount of income you received during the tax year. You do not have to file a Massachusetts tax return if you only have to file Federal Form 8843. You should go to the Windstar tax preparation software for nonresident aliens (available through the International Office) to determine if it is necessary for you to file a State form.

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Employment compensation, or a salary, is taxed at marginal graduated rates, meaning income earned over certain levels set by the U.S. tax authorities is taxed at progressively higher rates. Please see the section on income tax withholding tables in IRS Publication 15 to get an idea of how your salary will be taxed by Harvard.

  • If eligible for tax treaty benefits, both nonresident aliens and resident aliens...
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Tax Withholding on Payments

Payments from Harvard University may be subject to taxation in accordance with regulations strictly enforced by the U.S. tax authorities (IRS/MassDOR). Harvard collects, or withholds, two types of tax: Federal/State and Social Security/Medicare (FICA), liability for which is based on several factors:

  • Your U.S....
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