What should I do if GLACIER is saying that I cannot continue because I'm not currently in the U.S. and my departure date from the U.S. was last year?


If you were unable to complete GLACIER before the end of the calendar year that corresponds to your recent visit, and you are expecting payments relating to that visit, then you will need to indicate at least 1 day present in the U.S. this calendar year in order to proceed through GLACIER.

You should:

• Enter January 1st, of the current year as the “Estimated or Actual Date of Final Departure from the U.S.
• Enter your actual date of your visit to Harvard for “Original (or anticipated) Date of Entry to the U.S.”
• Enter the actual expiration date of your immigration status of your recent visit for “Date Permission to stay in the U.S. Expires

Copies of the immigration documents you must provide relating to your immigration status while visiting Harvard, which will be listed on your “Tax Summary Report”, under the section “Document Copies Required”, will support actual presence in the U.S.

A submission is only considered completed if:

• It includes signed hard copies of all forms that GLACIER generates at the end of your completed record, and
• Copies of all required immigration documents listed on your Tax Summary Report