How should I complete GLACIER as a DACA individual, and what should I submit?

As a DACA individual, your situation is unique. GLACIER automatically generates for all foreign individuals. Your presence in the US is likely enough for you to be considered U.S. tax residents (resident alien), but we still are required by the IRS to collect information to support this conclusion. You would still need to complete GLACIER, since you are not yet a permanent resident. Please use the guidance below to help you proceed with GLACIER:

  • Enter the approximate original date when you entered the US. Though you may not have been in the U.S. legally at that time, or your legal status expired, you still need to enter this information (to the best of your abilities) from when you entered as a child. This is nothing we will be verifying
  • You would also enter your country of citizenship and country of residency prior to entering the U.S as a child. Your address in your original home country should be used, or you can use any known last address. Again, we do not verify this information
  • For your immigration status type, you would select “Other Immigration Status or Purposes”
  • The date your DACA status expires should reflect when you have been approved to work until on your employment authorization card
  • For your immigration documents, you should provide what you have. I know that you will have an employment authorization card and an I-797 Approval Notice indicating your status under the DACA program. These documents will be enough.
  • On your GLACIER Tax Summary Report that generates, please write "DACA" on the top to help identify your unique situation.