I am a Harvard affiliate, using my HBS email address to access and upload GLACIER documentation and forms securely via the Harvard link provided, but I keep receiving an error message indicating I do not have permission. What should I do?

Harvard University and Harvard Business School (HBS) both use Office 365 SharePoint and Teams; however, they reside on separate service instances, or tenants. Secure sharing from University SharePoint or MS Teams requires an HBS affiliate to also be licensed properly and sign in with their University credentials.

Here are the steps you should take as an HBS affiliate, with an associated HBS email, to access and successfully submit your GLACIER information securely:

  1. You will need to first sign out of your HBS O365 Tenant and any HBS SharePoint Sites or MS Teams you are currently logged into.
  2. Open a private browser session, and then copy and paste this initiation link into the address bar to sign in to the HUIT O365 tenant instead Secure GLACIER and Document Upload.
  3. When prompted to sign in with your organizational account, type in *your* NetID@harvard.edu as the login address.
    • If you don’t know your “NetID”, Please visit the HUIT article below in finding out how to determine your "NetID" HUIT Guidance for NetID.
  4. When prompted for your password, type in your HarvardKey password.
  5. Follow any subsequent DUO Authentication required steps.
  6. If you need further assistance in accessing a Harvard University SharePoint site as an HBS user, such as if this is your first time accessing a University managed SharePoint site or Microsoft Team, you may need to have a license issued. Please submit a ticket or call 617-495-7777.

Here is an additional reference from HUIT that further clarifies these steps under the section, "If you are an HBS user trying to sign into a University SharePoint site or MS Team" HUIT Guidance for HBS Users and SharePoint